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Posted by Ghazenfer Mansoor |
6 Key Benefits of Outsourcing your Software Development

Entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas every day, to solve the world problems. It can be a revolutionary idea for the customer market, healthcare, or remote-work software ideas for your new startup or for your business to increase operational...

Things You Need to Know in Developing HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Software 1
Posted by Advent Tuban |
Things You Need to Know in Developing HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Software

Despite massive technological and digital transformations in industries across the globe, healthcare is still finding its footing, especially for those venturing in developing HIPAA-compliant healthcare software. A mere 35% of its facilities have adopted the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model...

Posted by Ghazenfer Mansoor |
Important App Metrics & Tools: How to Measure and Improve Mobile App Performance

As Peter Drucker famously said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it", is extremely important as you are working on your new product idea, to measure and improve mobile app performance. You’ve poured time and resources into developing...

Beyond the Download—Why Are Some Apps Sticky While Others Are Forgotten? 2
Posted by Rachel Smith |
Beyond the Download—Why Are Some Apps Sticky While Others Are Forgotten?

We all have downloaded apps that we have never gone on to use. Others we try only once. What is it that makes for a sticky app? What features provide staying power, and what spells failure for retention post-download? In...

Launching A Mobile App: 13 Effective App Store Optimization Tips 3
Posted by Silja Wu |
Launching A Mobile App: 13 Effective App Store Optimization Tips

Congratulations! You have been over the hurdles and are about to publish your app to the most promising app marketplaces. However, regardless of how cool your app is, you’d better think of your User Acquisition (UA) strategy as early as...

DC Startup Week Interview: Our CEO, Ghazenfer Mansoor, Talks About Fueling Innovation Through Software Development 4
Posted by Advent Tuban |
DC Startup Week Interview: Our CEO, Ghazenfer Mansoor, Talks About Fueling Innovation Through Software Development

Our CEO, Ghazenfer Mansoor, shares about how he's facing business uncertainties due to COVID, what makes Technology Rivers unique, and some helpful advice for founders looking to develop their own product, and much more. This interview blog has been originally...

Posted by Advent Tuban |
Healthtech Entrepreneur, Gorkem Sevinc, Talks about HIPAA Software Development Experiences

Gorkem Sevinc, based in the Baltimore region, is a technology leader with broad interests in building transformative solutions in digital medicine, fintech, and enterprise-level software systems. Gorkem first met with Technology Rivers through his previous work with one of his...

Posted by Ghazenfer Mansoor |
How Agile Teams Can Drive Effective Product Strategy

Each year, over 30,000 products are launched by businesses across the globe. 95% of them will fail. In other words, your product strategy has a 5% chance of going to market successfully. And, in today's hyper-competitive business landscape, innovation can...

designing apps for seniors
Posted by Rachel Smith |
Top Considerations When Designing Apps for Seniors

Most software app or mobile app developers are between the ages of 27 and 34, and most of them have a target audience of a similar mean age. This isn’t necessarily surprising until you think about the considerable percentage of...

Technology Rivers
Posted by Advent Tuban | Co-Founder, Frank Tommaso, Shares His Experience with Technology Rivers

Serial entrepreneur, Frank Tommaso, and his partner reached out to Technology Rivers to create a sales coaching and training software that would allow sales teams and managers to be more involved in the sales learning process of their coworkers. Working...

Posted by Rachel Smith |
How UI/UX Design Can Make or Break Your Application

User interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design are so tightly linked that many people get them confused. What everyone does agree on is that the UI and UX of an application plays a major role in its success...

protect intellectual property
Posted by Rachel Smith |
6 Ways You Can Protect Intellectual Property While Outsourcing Software Development

It is a common practice for a company to outsource software development for a variety of reasons. In fact, 43 percent of companies in the United States outsource programming jobs. The reasons vary between companies and individuals, but include cost...

blockchain for healthcare
Posted by Advent Tuban |
What Solutions Does Blockchain Provide For The Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry can largely be characterized by its lean method of operations. Continuous process improvement and the need to minimize waste continually compete with the requirement of rapid turnaround and quick, accurate results. The overarching goal in the industry...

patrick mish
Posted by Yousif Memon |
CEO of SilverStay, Patrick Mish, Shares His Take on Outsourced Software Development

In 2017, Patrick Mish, co-founder of SilverStay, was working on an idea to create an Airbnb for assisted living communities. His main vision was to transform the lives of the aging population through innovative healthcare solutions. Therefore, Patrick Mish and...

advantage of near me
Posted by Heather Bien |
The Advantage of Developing Near Me Apps

From delivery to on-demand services to travel to relationship building, location-based apps reach across verticals to make everyday life easier. And, even with scale, your users are always local to their location, meaning you shouldn’t underestimate the advantage of near...

building a health app
Posted by Yousif Memon |
3 Proven Strategies For Building a Health App That Patients Actually Use

The number of mobile health applications has skyrocketed in recent years. There are now more than 318,000 mHealth apps available from top app stores worldwide. 60%of people have downloaded at least one of these apps. It’s not just patients who...

consumer personas
Posted by Heather Bien |
How to Utilize Consumer Personas in UX Design (3 Important Steps)

As a designer, it’s your job to anticipate the needs and goals of your users –– utilizing specific consumer personas in UX design powers your decisions with a relatable name, face, and story. You’re working on an exciting idea for a...

billing for communication time
Posted by Yousif Memon |
Why Developers Should Bill For Communication Time

A few days ago, I was speaking with a friend about a software project that he had contracted out. He was shocked that he had been billed for all the communication with the team. To him, charging for communication time...

Posted by Yousif Memon |
Effective Software Development Strategy Starts at Choosing the Right Partner

There’s no way around it: development is notoriously expensive. Even the well thought out, carefully approached projects can hit road bumps in development that derail everything and take weeks to fix. That’s why it is absolutely critical, more than in...

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