Counter Intelligence community

Social Networking Mobile App for Counter Intelligence community

App functionality and our work includes

  • Video Interviews of Experts
  • Quora style Live Q&A with Executives
  • Group chats (video, image, docs) among members – similar to Whatsapp messaging app
  • Video Chat
  • Moderated Chat
  • Videos, Images, Text, Documents (doc, pdf etc) in posts and chats
  • Public and Private Events (Paid, Free)
  • Off-line access

Social Networking and Messaging mobile apps for Counter Intelligence community and experts. This is native iPhone app and responsive web app for smart phones and tablets. App features different experts from Counter Intelligence that share their experiences in the recorded interviews, live Q&A, in-person events etc.

Our work includes complete development of apps and backend API. Platforms and technical features include

Native iOS (Swift) | Responsive web (Angular JS) | API Development
| Video Transcoding and streaming | Mobile Analytics

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