Eddy РProvisioning and Credentialing Software РHIPAA 

Eddy improves the healthcare system through software and services that allow individuals and organizations to work more efficiently. Includes a secure common-form for providers, peer-references, credential tracking and provider management software

Our Work Includes

  • Product Development Strategy
  • User Experience and Design Consultation
  • Web Portal Development for Hospitals and Organizations
  • Web Portal for Providers
  • Admin Portal

Eddy platform is a web-based multi-tenent application (software as a service) for providers and hospitals. It includes a common-form for the providers so they can securely upload their application data, generate PDF applications (including CAQH) to be used in provisioning at different hospitals that is digitally signed by the providers. Software also allows providers to request or provide peer references. Participating hospitals and organizations (staffing organizations) can access the data with the provider permission, without having the provider submit physical application. Software also notifies the providers and hospitals whenever certain certificates are expiring.

Features Include

Common form for providers, Peer references, Digital Signatures, Hospital and Organization Portal, Payment Processing (one-time and subscriptions), Provider Management, Credential tracking, Reminders, Notifications, HIPAA

Technologies Used

Amazon AWS | Angular | Node JS | Postgresql | Armor hosting

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