Mobile & Wearable App Development

From next-gen internal enterprise solutions to best-of-breed customer-centric apps, we deliver impeccable projects on tight timeframes. Technology Rivers is a born-and-bred agile solution that leverages rapid iteration, intelligent automation solutions, and hyper-talented developers for every project.

Mobile App Development

Devices Supported Include:

  • Apple iPhone and iPad tablets
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Bluetooth Connected device integrations

Cross-platform Hybrid Mobile App Development Include:

Our cross-platform mobile app development work includes different platforms and technologies, including hybrid and WebKit based solutions.

WebKit based solutions include:

  • Apache Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap),
  • Ionic framework
  • Custom implementations when mixing with the native application

Hybrid mobile app development work include:

  • React Native, a hybrid app development platform by Facebook
  • Google Flutter

Mobile Plugins, Extensions, and Libraries

As part of mobile development work, we are often in a situation to create plugins, libraries, and extensions to reuse the components in different parts of the application or across applications. Our expertise includes

  • Plugins and Extensions development for hybrid platforms such as React Native and Apache Cordova.
  • Library development for Apple iOS and Android

Wearable App Development

With increased health and fitness awareness across the globe, wearable app development is also gaining more value and popularity. And the demand for wearable technology is increasing steadily. In April, Reports and Data forecasted that the global Mobile Health (mHealth) market will reach USD 311.98 billion by 2027.

Below are some of the latest future-defining trends in wearable app development:

  • Wearable IoT in Healthcare: In the healthcare field, wearable technology has eased data collection, profile management, and security. Wearables have facilitated instant interoperability, notifications, among other functionalities and features. Wearable device companies and app developers are working together to optimize the unlimited potential of IoT-enabled wearables.
  • App Discoverability: Wearables have compactable applications that help them connect with other devices. Unlike mobile developers, wearable app developers are focusing on designing apps with better visibility.

Wearable Devices Support:

Our Wearable app development solutions support the following devices

  • Apple Watch
  • Android Wearables
  • Samsung Wearables
  • Fitbit

Custom-built to Solve Problems

At Technology Rivers, we don’t just develop high-quality applications; we engineer sharable experiences. We guide your software from ideation to project strategy and execution with customer-centricity and value. We leverage the following agile-driven design practices during the development of our software project:

  • Ideation
  • Project strategy
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Development using an agile, iteration-heavy software development lifecycle
  • Post-development support

Mobile App Design and Experiences

User Experience and Design are one of the most important aspects of any mobile application. We understand the Apple and Google design guidelines, and we provide our expertise and guidance to ensure your app complies with these guidelines and improves its chances to be featured in the respective app stores.

Eagerly Innovative

We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of every successful project launch. At Technology Rivers, we’re not afraid to fail fast and early, scale to meet tangible value, and iterate to meet emerging market demands. We’re here to help clients break through the red-tape of development and get started ASAP.

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Mobile & Wearable Development Work

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