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By considering the needs of users and designing site features that are easy to use, we help create positive user experiences.

  • Improve your website or app’s usability with professional UX design
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with an improved user experience
  • Leverage our team’s years of experience in the field to get the most out of your project
  • Get expert advice and feedback on your designs from our team of skilled professionals
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User Experience and Design are a crucial part of any application. Here at Technology Rivers, we take you every step of the way through the UI and UX process no matter the application type.

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Mobile Application UI and UX Design

There are best practices for mobile app UI and UX design, and we use these whether it is a simple guideline-based design or custom design. Apple and Google also recommend certain design guidelines that we aim to follow to increase the chances of success in the App Store, and be featured by Apple and Google. We also strive for faster loading speed to make a great mobile UX experience for your customers.

Web & Desktop Application UI and UX Design

Creating website applications and desktop applications is still an ever-growing trend since enterprises are earning more from SaaS (or Software as a Service) and making it possible to wrap the web applications and convert them into desktop applications. We create custom designs and template designs based on your needs.

There are underlying core principles in web app design, but it is always about putting the users first. Our UI and UX design experts know the right technologies to create intuitive and responsive web applications.

Design concepts for desktops are very much similar to the web. We ensure consistency to reuse the web design for desktop, which results in a lower cost of development for the overall application.

Our UI and UX Design Process

Both UI and UX are crucial to your software product’s success. You cannot have one without the other. Our UX and UI design team will ensure an intuitive and uncluttered interface that will attract users and, at the same time, encourage retention and conversions since those users can easily navigate the goals that you want them to take. At Technology Rivers, we organize our design process through these three steps:

  1. Information Architecture – Flows
    We create high-level application flows and define relationships and connections with different components of the application. This is important for communicating the overall application understanding. Designing user flow is a core part of the UX strategy as it helps define how users should move around the system.
  2. Sketches & Mockups (Wireframes)
    Once the flows are finalized, we dig deeper and create rough sketches and mockups that provide more specific information about each module of the application.
  3. Visual Design
    In this step, visual designers convert the mockups into a visual design based on the application branding design guidelines. Visual design is the final view of how the real product will look like. We use the right UI elements, images, and design patterns as per standard web and mobile app design guidelines while considering the brand identity.

UI & UX Design Work

Here is some of our UI and UX Design work:

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