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6 Factors that Drive App Cost

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factors that drive app cost

Table of Contents

The most important factor for entrepreneurs and enterprises outsourcing development is cost. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to gauge the general cost structure.

6 Factors That Drive App Cost

Several factors drive app cost and knowing these factors will help you understand the cost required.

1. App concept

The concept and scale of the app is the most critical factor in understanding cost. Bigger projects with multiple features will cost more than simpler apps with few features. Most companies will roll out features in stages to scale back upfront costs.

2. Platform and supported devices

The base platform will determine the architecture your developer will need to create your app or software. Adding cross-platform compatibility means the software will need to be rebuilt.

3. Infrastructure costs

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) says hosting your app or site online should be within $1,100 to $3,800 to setup and around $600 to $2,800 for maintenance. 

How much information are you storing? Is this information confidential? Storing large amounts of data will also add on to your total. Sensitive data will prove to be a target for hackers, so more will be spend on protective measures.

4. Backend and API costs

APIs and third-party service integrations add and expand app functionality. Features like mobile payments, maps, and analytics will need to be integrated into your app. This adds development time, and therefore cost, for implementing and testing.

5. Design, Animations, and UI elements

Design is another critical part of app development. Things like layout, icons, imagery, and even transitions or animations all need to be designed before they’re added to your app. 

6. Localization and languages

Localized app versions and languages will be another factor that drives cost. Not only does the translation need to be proof-read app wide, but some design elements, like buttons, may need to be redesigned due to phrasing and text length.

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