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Modern businesses need to be able to integrate seamlessly between different systems in order for them to all work together efficiently and without hassle.

  • Strategize and implement a plan to modernize your business process and systems
  • Communicate faster and easier with integrations
  • Work with experienced developers to create integrated systems to stay efficient & competitive
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We do software integrations – data, system, third party, custom and legacy application integrations.

Our integration services help our customers build cohesive and effective IT infrastructures by bringing together different data systems, applications, and third-party providers. Since integrating disparate software programs can be quite challenging at first, especially when dealing with legacy applications or complex data sets. Therefore, we go about integrations by starting with consulting with our customers and partners to ensure that we align their digital transformation and growth goals through optimized and seamless data inflows and outflows between applications.

How We Do Software Integrations at Technology Rivers

As your business grows, so does the complexity of its software infrastructure. At some point, you’ll need to start integrating different software systems – whether it’s a new data management platform, or a custom application built specifically for your business. The process of software integration is key to the success of any organization, especially one that heavily relies on technology.

At Technology Rivers, we understand what a tailored and secured integration architecture and infrastructure should look like, and we provide our expertise and guidance to ensure your existing infrastructure truly benefits with our recommended technology stack and integration model. Here’s how our typical integration roadmap looks like:

Consultation and Assessment

When you need a plan that is perfect for your business, let our team take care of it. We will assess the requirements and budget while considering existing infrastructure as well as workloads in order to create an effective strategy tailored just right for you!

Strategizing and Implementing

With our expertise in software integration, we can help you modernize your business process and systems. We’ll develop a strategic plan for moving forward with re- engineering old apps or building new ones from scratch based on what best suits the needs of each client’s unique situation – all while adhering strictly by industry standards!


Before deploying our integrated solution, our team makes sure that it works as per expectations, Integration testing is carried out both at system as well as at component level.

Support and Maintenance

We know that every software integration is unique, so we’ll work with you to find the best way for your business’s needs. We provide feedback and suggestions on how else it can be used in order to fully capitalize off this investment!

Advanced Evolution of Integrated Systems (On-demand)

To stay competitive, businesses need to continuously manage and evolve their integrated ecosystem. We constantly monitor our customer’s needs, industry trends & competition; we analyze these factors in order for us to provide tailor-made solutions that best suit our customers’ requirements.

Our Expertise in Software Integrations

Technology Rivers specializes in building software integrations that are designed to provide a strong architectural foundation for the integrated solution. We do this by following up-to-date industry guidelines, which helps make these integrated solutions compliant, intelligent as well as efficient.

  • Pandium Integrations
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Custom Integrations using APIs and Webhooks
Some of our integrations include:

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