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The reviews below were provided by our customers after detailed phone interviews by third-party analysts.

Customer Testimonials 1
 Our team trusts them, so if we have a challenging project that requires creative solutions, we know we can go to them. 
Customer Testimonials 2
 The work ethic I’ve seen from Technology Rivers is unparalleled. They make magic happen. 
Customer Testimonials 3
 They had a great turnaround time and they wrote quality code 
Customer Testimonials 4
 If there are any concerns, [they] will bring them up as soon as they occur, and will work through them with us. 
Customer Testimonials 5
 They quickly figured out what was going on and proposed a good solution. 
Customer Testimonials 6
 They had a resource available for any kind of technology. 
Customer Testimonials 7
 They were great with communication, sticking to deadlines, and staying on budget. 
Customer Testimonials 8
 They made helpful recommendations, and I was always confident that they knew what they were talking about 
Customer Testimonials 9
 Technology Rivers was able to take what we envisioned and develop something that matches our expectation. 
Customer Testimonials 10
 They’re very good at communicating in a user-friendly way to non-technical people. 
Customer Testimonials 11
 "We went to Technology Rivers after our bad experience with another development company. They helped us in the iOS app, web application and backend development. Technology Rivers was good at getting the work done on time and providing updates. They were good in terms of communication, even though the team was mostly off-shore. Their founder introduced us to few investors that helped us on funding side." 
Customer Testimonials 12
 The whole project went really smoothly, and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience 
Customer Testimonials 13
 Technology Rivers has been able to deploy early stage beta forms of our platform really quickly. 
Customer Testimonials 14
 "Technology Rivers has been able to deploy early stage beta forms of our platform really quickly. Their biggest strength is being able to develop, test, and iterate in fast developmental sprints. They’re really good about thinking about the larger architectural picture. I’ve been extremely pleased with their work.Their code is outstanding and well-documented. Thanks to them, we know that it works." 
Customer Testimonials 15
 "The most impressive thing I've experienced is that they make a lot of progress very quickly and they think through things very thoroughly." 
Customer Testimonials 16
 Despite the tight timeframe, they delivered the projects on schedule. 
Customer Testimonials 17
 We valued their technical knowledge and ability to execute our project. 
Customer Testimonials 18
 "Their professionalism, timeliness, and quality of work have been outstanding. Their communication is great, especially for an overseas firm, and they’re always punctual despite the time difference. Their billing process has been transparent, and we’re happy to be working with them." 
Customer Testimonials 19
 Technology Rivers has been very good with communication and deadlines. 
Customer Testimonials 20
 With Technology Rivers, their team delivers what they promise and ahead of schedule 
Customer Testimonials 21
 Technology Rivers came up with a product that works great. 
Customer Testimonials 22
 I've worked with three other developers and they have been the best thus far 
Customer Testimonials 23
 The confidence that our customers enjoy is directly related to the rate, pace, and quality that they produce. 

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