Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development technology is a major part of our diverse portfolio. Health-tech, HIPAA cloud, personal health, digital health, medical device integrations are few examples. Technology Rivers healthcare software development solutions spread around web, mobile, wearables and desktop application development.

HIPAA Software

Healthcare applications need to comply with HIPAA  regulations. Our HIPAA Software development scope includes mobile, web and desktop applications to be deployed on a secure cloud, on-premise or on third-party managed hosting services.

Our HIPAA expertise includes development Strategy, HIPAA apps assessment, and HIPAA compliant web and mobile applications.

Digital Health

Our digital health application development services include:

  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Application Development 
  • Health IT Services, 
  • Wearables App Development 
  • Telehealth Application Solutions
  • Electronic Health (eHealth) Development

Fitness and Wellness

Our fitness and wellness application development services includes:

  • Personal and community healthcare, 
  • Wellness Applications
  • Fitness applications including for Fitbit, Apple Health and Samsung Health.

Device Integrations

Our healthcare device integration services include:

  • Strategy, Consulting and Implementation support.
  • Bluetooth powered device Integration (Thermometer, Blood Pressure)
  • Cellular based healthcare devices Integration 
  • Wearables App development
  • IOT devices

We Provide Healthcare Software Solutions

With increased health and fitness awareness across the globe, wearable app development is also gaining more value and popularity. And the demand for wearable technology is increasing steadily.

Below are some of the latest future-defining trends in wearable app development:

  • Wearable IoT in Healthcare: In the healthcare field, wearable technology has eased data collection, profile management, and security. Wearables have facilitated instant interoperability, notifications, among other functionalities and features. Wearable device companies and app developers are working together to optimize the unlimited potential of IoT-enabled wearables.
  • App Discoverability: Wearables have compactable applications that help them connect with other devices. Unlike mobile developers, wearable app developers are focusing on designing apps with better visibility.

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Our Healthcare Portfolio

Here is some of our Healthcare Software and App work:

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