React Native App Development

React Native App Development allows you to write one code base and have it work on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Write code once and have it work on both iOS and Android devices
  • Deliver a more responsive user experience
  • Immediately have your changes reflected in the app
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React Native is an open-source cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platform started by Facebook. It is one of the most popular development frameworks for creating native mobile apps that can run on both iOS and Android devices. Some of the popular brand apps including Instagram, Walmart, Wix, and Facebook are built using React Native. 

  • Native apps for Android and iOS
  • One common code – rendered with native code
  • Platform-specific component development support
  • Facebook Supported, Strong Open-Source Community Support
  • Extensive Third-party libraries and plugins available
  • Reusable components with React Web application

Create Robust React Native Applications

React Native is heavily supported and updated by Facebook and many tech giants are using it. If big brands claim their success from React Native, then why don’t you adopt the same thing? 

We create native-like mobile applications that are fast and deliver the best experience on all platforms.

We keep our work custom and personalized since every business has certain needs, requirements, and limitations. Therefore, you’ll get highly personalized mobile apps that will help you with your business.

We create applications that support React Native. We offer the following services or solutions to help companies harness the power of React Native:

  • Mobile App Design – Our UX and UI design services ensure we follow the Apple and Google design guidelines when designing mobile apps. 
  • React Native App Development 
  • React Native App Migration / Porting – A common question that we get from our customers is to convert from Native to React Native, or port the web application to React Native mobile. 
  • React Native Plug-in Development – If certain features are not available out of the box in React Native, we can write a custom plug-in in Swift for iOS or Dart, Kotlin or Java for Android. In one of our recent apps, we achieved this in one of our apps by creating a plug-in for ePub3 support. 

Make the Most Out of React Native Features

React Native is a powerful framework for mobile app development that has empowered businesses around the globe. Even big brands stay on top of their game after enriching their mobile and web apps with React Native’s powerful features: 

  • Seamless UX and UI – Apps built with React have a more responsive UI design and have a slower loading time.  Personalization is another advantage to target the needs of particular user groups.
  • Reusable and Single Codebase – Saves time and cost by writing one code for both iOS and Android, and at the same time provides the look and feel of native mobile apps. Additionally, React components can also be shared among the web application, which will save up additional time if your web front-end is also using React JS. 
  • Superior Speed and Performance – React Native Graphics Processing Unit results in blazing speed and performance. 
  • Open Source
  • Rapid Development

With all the powerful features and community support, you can have your app without wasting money, time, and other resources.

Why Choose Us for React Native App Development?

At Technology Rivers, we have created dozens of cross-platform, hybrid mobile apps using React Native platform. We have a team of experienced and skilled mobile app developers who can deliver the features that you need for your mobile business application. 

We consult with you and suggest the best possible solution for your specific needs. As we have expertise in both native as well as React Native, we do not push for one solution but guide you based on the specific factors. 

Here are few reasons why you should choose us for your next project:

  • Extensive experience developing Native and Hybrid Mobile App development
  • Plug-in development experience – in case your specific project needs a native code
  • Top-Rated Mobile App Development Firm, including 35+ clutch and video testimonials
  • Our apps have been featured by Apple and Google
  • Expertise in B2B and B2C apps
  • Expertise in API Development
  • Fix-Price MVP Development
Building apps is an iterative process. Check out our mobile app development process

Healthcare HIPAA App using React Native?

We have created custom web and mobile applications for many industry verticals, especially in the healthcare sector. We have over 20 healthcare projects, with over 50% HIPAA compliant mobile apps. 

We understand the HIPAA regulations for software applications, especially for mobile apps. Our portfolio includes numerous HIPAA-compliant mobile apps created using React Native framework. Few examples of our React Native based healthcare apps include but are not limited to:

Frequently Asked Questions

React Native is an open-source cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platform from Facebook for creating native mobile apps. React Native platform allows the developer to write one code in Javascript and to create a mobile app that can be deployed on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. 

Absolutely! As you can build apps for both iOS and Android using one code-base, the development cost is about half compared to two separate apps. 

 Here are some of the reasons to choose react if you want to save time and money: 

  1. It uses a single code that works on iOS and Android platforms
  2. Code errors can be lessened due to its live or hot reload feature
  3. Shared and reusable components with React Web Application

Yes, of course!  We are an app development company that can work on React Native projects, including migrating from existing Native to React Native. 

Both frameworks are used for developing mobile apps that run mostly on iOS. However, it’s more reasonable to use React since it allows cross-platform hybrid app development, which is obviously more cost-effective. Contact us to discuss which language and framework may be the best option for your specific use case.

Both frameworks have their pros and cons. Flutter uses Dart while React Native uses Javascript. Check out this article “React Native vs Google Flutter – How to Pick the Mobile App Development Platform for Your Next Mobile App”, where we compared both. Contact us to discuss which framework may be the best option for your specific use case. platforms. 

React is a Javascript library that is used for building User Interface. React Native is a framework that uses Javascript to create hybrid mobile apps. 

Yes, we do provide support and maintenance even after the launch of the app. We are committed to ensure your app will run smoothly.

The time that will be spent for a React Native app really depends on the specific requirements, features and complexities of the application. Most of our MVP apps were created within a 2 to 3 months time frame.

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