Web Application Development

Driven by Value and Fueled by Agile

We leverage in best-in-class technologies and processes to create iterative, value-driven applications that tackle tangible problems. Web applications that are developed professionally by Technology Rivers are designed to create a disruptive experience that genuinely helps your users and prioritizes your ROI. We deliver mobile applications with flexible, robust, and sustainable architecture.
All of our web development projects come with:

  • Agile-driven design and development
  • Best-in-class User Interface and User Experience
  • Proven efficacy via user validation testing
  • Faster time-to-market and cost-effectiveness than in-house development

Unparalleled Knowledge on the Frontend and Backend

At Technology Rivers, clients can expect the best-in-class frontend and backend development teams to launch holistic web apps. Services include:

Frontend Capabilities

  • Value-driven User Experience with rigorous user testing and mockup or wireframe-driven design
  • Pixel-perfect and visually-stunning user interface that amends itself to branding and usability
  • Rich graphics built by world-class designers and visual engineers

Backend Capabilities

  • Scalable, future-proof architecture built on a variety of in-demand platforms
  • Technology and language agnostic frameworks
  • Unparalleled testing and QA for bugs
  • Agile and iterative-driven development

Services Include:

Technology Rivers can develop a variety of web app solutions, including:

  • Single-page and multi-page
  • Javascript-based applications
  • Progressive and Responsive web apps
  • SaaS and multi-tenant applications
  • API Development (RestFul, GraphQL)
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Web scraping
  • Desktop Application (Electron JS) that are natively installed on Windows and Mac desktops
  • Database-powered applications connect with the Relational, NoSQL, and Cloud databases including MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Aurora, Redis, Firebase, Graph Databases.
  • Search powered applications using Elasticsearch and SOLR
  • Cloud-based applications leveraging Google Cloud and Amazon AWS services including load balancing, elastic scaling, storage, and caching services.

As part of our service, we handle all of your front-end and server-side needs. We set up the test, stage, and development environments, handle load balancing and elasticity and establish the right CI environment. We can integrate any solution with a backend API, and we have the ability to create apps in a variety of languages for a variety of server types.

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