FirstMate - BoatAdvisor - Marketplace for Boat Service Providers Mobile App 1

FirstMate – HomeAdvisor for Boat Owners

The FirstMate Services (FMS) app is marketplace app that connects boat owners and service providers, to fulfill any boating needs. This app is created using React Native, a cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platform.

Our Work Include

Connecting Boat Owners to Boat Service Providers for all Boat maintenance.

FirstMate Services cross-platform mobile apps allows boat owners to find and request bids from boat specific service providers. This hybrid mobile app is created for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, and deployed on Google Playstore, and Apple iTunes Store.

Features Include

Messaging, Instant Quote, Payment Escrow, Payment Split, Coupon Codes, Ratings and Reviews

Technologies Used

React Native App (iOS and Android) | Node JS | React JS | Mongo DB | Keystone | Amazon AWS Cloud | Stripe