Patient Communication Scheduling App 1

Patient Communication Scheduling App

This Patient Communication Mobile App is a healthcare app that connects HIV-positive patients to healthcare resources.

Our Work Includes

This Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Healthcare Application can be used to connect patients with staff and resources to coordinate their care. Patients can communicate directly with the linkage specialist, schedule appointments, view viral load status using the smartphone app.

This app complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules, as it stores patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information).

Features Include

Real-time Messages & Phone Calls | Notes | Data Imports & Exports | View Viral Loads Status | Viral Loads & Appointment Push Notifications | Digital Calendar & Scheduling | HIPAA Compliant

Technologies Used

React Native App (iOS and Android)  | Responsive Web App  | Amazon AWS Cloud | PostgreSQL | ExpressJs | NodeJS | ReactJS | Redux Saga