Healthtech Entrepreneur, Gorkem Sevinc, Talks about HIPAA Software Development Experiences

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Blog » Healthtech Entrepreneur, Gorkem Sevinc, Talks about HIPAA Software Development Experiences

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Blog » Healthtech Entrepreneur, Gorkem Sevinc, Talks about HIPAA Software Development Experiences

Gorkem Sevinc, based in the Baltimore region, is a technology leader with broad interests in building transformative solutions in digital medicine, fintech, and enterprise-level software systems. Gorkem first met with Technology Rivers through his previous work with one of his company while he was at the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center.

Gorkem was also a Co-Founder & CTO of eMocha Health, which is a digital health and remote patient management platform, and Facet Wealth, a financial service company. During his tenure with different companies, Gorkem used the services of Technology Rivers to create and enhance different HIPAA-compliant digital medicine solutions for healthcare.

Some of our HIPAA Software Development Work Includes:

  • HIPAA Compliant Web and Mobile App Development
  • EPIC Integration
  • Medicine Adherence Platform Development  (Web and Mobile Apps)
  • Resident Training Assessment Platform (Ruby on Rails)
  • React Native Development
  • Web-based Learning Platform for Medical Professionals
  • API Development
  • Publishing the Apps on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore

Watch the video above to hear what Gorkem has to say with his experience in collaborating with Technology Rivers during the development process of these healthcare applications.

The Audio Transcription – Collaborating With Technology Rivers:

Hi everybody, my name is Gorkem Sevinc and I met Technology Rivers through one of those startups that I helped co-found, Milemarker. So Milemarker is another technology we had built at Johns Hopkins and we had licensed it out to its own startup company. And when we licensed it out, we needed a technology company to help us build the product and help us extend the product to be a scalable, supportable, and maintainable solution. 

Three years after that, we continue to work with Technology Rivers. We started using Technology Rivers to help us accelerate the development, help us handle some of the projects that some of the local team could not get to, or it was basically extending the team where Technology Rivers was able to help us contribute to delivering the product. While I’m not involved at eMocha anymore, I know that Technology Rivers still continues to work to this day with eMocha as well. 

A lot of my background comes from health IT and building digital medicine solutions for healthcare. That involves a lot of compliance requirements. We have HIPAA, we have HITECH, sometimes we even have FDA requirements that apply to products that we build in health IT because we have to handle what we call “protected health information” appropriately. 

There are a lot of basic principles that a team has to understand when building digital medicine solutions. That’s not just checking the boxes on HIPAA or checking the boxes on HITECH, but actually building solutions that are secure, private, and appropriately built. What I’ve seen from Technology Rivers is that we were able to build a lot of HIPAA and HITECH compliant applications that didn’t just check the boxes but they were actually built for best practices.

My nature of work with Technology Rivers has essentially been a lot on the healthcare, health IT, and digital medicine side. When you’re building those applications you need to really understand not just the technical side but the business domain as well, because you need to understand these idiosyncrasies of building healthcare solutions but also if we’re building mobile health solutions, you need to have a business understanding of the mobile health side and how that applied to the product that is being built. 

So, what I like about Technology Rivers is that they bring a lot of expertise to the table. The way I see Technology Rivers is that they are not just hired guns. They become partners to the companies that they work with.

We licensed our technology from Johns Hopkins and we didn’t have the technology team in place. And we needed technological resources to help us keep building the product and that’s an area where Technology Rivers became the technology team. In another scenario at emocha health, what we did was we had our own technology team but we needed to supplement that team. We needed to go faster, we needed to continue to build the same quality of the product while continuing to go faster and be more scalable. So Technology Rivers was able to become additions and extensions to my existing team. 

What I liked about Technology Rivers is that they are very, very honest. They are very, very good at the different technology stacks that you would throw at them. Because there’s a baseline technology expertise that they already have, and even if–let’s assume there’s a technology they’re not familiar with, they will learn it in record time–which just never ceases to amaze me. The main thing I like about Technology Rivers is that I’ve never heard the answer, “no.” I’ve always heard, “yes, but help us understand.” And everything; tools, products, have been delivered to the quality that I expected and exceeded it. 

What I was very impressed with, with Technology Rivers, is–I don’t know how they do it–but I think it almost feels like that team is working 24/7 because whenever I have a question, whenever I have a clarification, we have meetings in various times, it may be a holiday, it may be a religious holiday, maybe a holiday here, it doesn’t matter. So what I like about Technology Rivers is it’s getting stuff done and whatever it takes to get stuff done, they will do and no matter of time, location, etc. So that was my first unease with any service provider, really. And I don’t think that applies in this situation.

Software development is challenging for many companies. If you have any business idea and you need a partner for your software development project just like Gorkem Sevinc, reach out to us and we can discuss your ideas.

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