Medicine Adherence Mobile App 1

Medicine Adherence Mobile App

This Medicine Adherence App allows patients to document their medicine intake and report to their healthcare providers for their review. This helps healthcare professionals track their patients’ adherence to their prescribed medicines. This app also supports return-to-work badges by using submissions for temperature and symptoms for the past 5-7 days.

App Features and Our Work Include

Patients can also use the app to ask questions directly to medical professionals, report side effects, report their temperature, or note any problems they are having with their condition.

This medicine adherence mobile app complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules, as it stores patients PHI (Protected Health Information).

Features Include

Profile Management | Messaging | Photo and Video Recording | Patient Data Recording | Symptom Checker | Progress Calendar | HIPAA Compliant

Technologies Used

React Native App (iOS and Android) | Responsive Web App | Amazon AWS Cloud | PostgreSQL | Redux Saga