CEO of SilverStay, Patrick Mish, Shares His Take on Outsourced Software Development

CEO of SilverStay, Patrick Mish, Shares His Take on Outsourced Software Development

In 2017, Patrick Mish, co-founder of SilverStay, was working on an idea to create an Airbnb for assisted living communities. His main vision was to transform the lives of the aging population through innovative healthcare solutions. Therefore, Patrick Mish and his partner came up with SilverStay — which is a software for short-term assisted living communities also called “Airbnb for assisted living communities”. This HIPAA compliant platform connect assisted living spaces with patients (directly or through hospitals) who are in need of short-term assisted living. It provides personal care support services such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, and transportation in a comfortable, home-like environment in assisted living communities.

Patrick Mish started looking around for a software development firm that can help them build the platform. He found Technology Rivers through a recommendation from another entrepreneur. Technology Rivers was not only able to partner with him like one of our integral teams, but we also walked him through the technical world of software development.

Work for SilverStay includes, but not limited to, the development of the following features:


In the video above, Patrick Mish shares his experiences of outsourced software development with Technology Rivers.

Here is the transcription of the video:

My name is Patrick Mish I’m the CEO and co-founder of Silver Stay. Silver Stay builds assisted living networks for health systems and we help health systems transition their oftentimes clinically complex and tend to be low income patients into assisted living communities that have a bed availability when the home is no longer safe for those patients. So what was great about Technology Rivers is a number of things; so, one, it was really flexibility around how to go about developing our solution and product.

Technology Rivers was really able to say, “Hey, look, if you understand where you’re trying to go here’s how we propose making this work.” The other piece is it’s a team that can really help you understand what product needs to look like. You know, we didn’t know every feature that we would want, that needed, that you thought of, but the team was able to fill in some of those gaps for us. When working with Technology Rivers, what really exceeded our expectations has been just the tremendous value that we’re getting. I feel like we have this team that is almost embedded in our company; almost like they’re on our payroll but they’re not. And it’s just a really phenomenal value that we’re getting. So, what I would tell someone considering Technology Rivers is that if you’re coming from a big, sort of non-technical standpoint, perhaps maybe not having a tremendous amount of software development background, like myself and our company, then Technology Rivers is the perfect partner because they’re really able to walk you through this process.

So the differentiator in Technology Rivers relative to their competitors is just a tremendous amount of value. One, I mean it’s just a really great, efficient development of the product, and it’s been a team that’s embedded with us, and working with us, and extremely responsive. That’s sort of like the the base foundation. But then there are all these other things that came along with our relationship through Technology Rivers that were completely unexpected from our part. You know a couple those are things like hey, Technology Rivers has got this great network of venture capitalists that they work with, and so some really great introductions were made there that allow us to help build out our first round of funding. And, additionally, Technology Rivers is working with, you know, a  bunch of other startups and early stage companies, so some really good networking was able to have, introductions to other entrepreneurs that were just able to help us in this journey as we kind of figured this out and get it off the ground. Technology Rivers has allowed us to bring our company into something that is actually real and tangible. So we were working on a concept 12-18 months ago; now we have a real product, and that real product now has been able to allow us to get real customers, who pay us real money, and raise real money [from] venture capitalists. Every now and then you get like you know that’s just phenomenal experience where we’re like, “These guys rock, and they really get it and they know how to make it happen.” You don’t see it often but when you do it’s fruitful.


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