Short Term Assisted Living Platform app

SilverStay – Airbnb for Short Term Assisted Living

SilverStay is a software for short-term assisted living communities, also called Airbnb for assisted living communities. This HIPAA-compliant platform connect assisted living spaces with patients (directly or through hospitals) who are in need of short-term assisted living.

Our Work Includes

SilverStay platform includes a portal for hospitals, a web application for consumers, and a mobile app for the assisted living communities. 

The public interface is a responsive web application similar to Airbnb for consumers that allows people to search for short-term assisted living destinations for their loved ones, and a portal for hospitals to share data of patients confidentially and securely with assisted living communities.

SilverStay complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules as it stores patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information).

Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile App was created using React Native platform and supports both Apple iOS and Android devices. Elastic Search was used to handle comprehensive search and availability windows handling, where Kibana was used for data visualization. This application includes messaging that allowed communication between Hospitals users and Assisted Living community managers.

Features Include

Room Search, Schedule Tour, Messaging,  Patient Data Transfer between hospitals and assisted-living communities, SilverStay Admin Portal, Hospital Portal, Mobile App for communities, Match Patient with Communities, HIPAA Compliance

Technologies Used

Amazon AWS  | React JS | Node JS | PostgreSQL | React Native | Keystone