Enterprise Education and Career Planning Software 2

Enterprise Education and Career Planning Software

Enterprise web software for education and career planning. This software matches students to any academic or workplace skill, occupation, competency, or certification. Software recommends a personalized path to help the student close any gap.

Our Work Includes

  • Product Development Strategy
  • User Experience and Design Consultation
  • Web Portal Development
  • Automated Data Processing and Data Ingestions
  • Data Flow Pipelines
  • Cloud Functions
  • GraphQL

This education and career planning software allows you to set your school and job goals. Using what you already know, it helps you navigate to the right education paths, occupations, and thousands of job possibilities – intelligently nudging you to stay on track.

Features includes

Career Planning, Intelligent Academic Pathway Planning, CTE Competency Logging & Reporting, Certification Tracking, Personalized Assignments, Standardized Test Analyzer, Predictive Data Analytics

Technologies used

React JS | Node JS | GraphQL | Apollo | Cloud Functions | Cloud DataFlow | Cloud Pub/Sub | Cloud Firestore

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