Kidney Donor Mobile App

Kidney Donor Mobile App 2

Kidney Donor Mobile App

The mKidney system helps you stay on top of your post-donation follow-up. Designed for living kidney donors, this app will allow you to connect with your transplant hospital and other valuable resources.

Our Work Includes

  • Product Development Strategy
  • User Experience and Design Consultation
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App

Kidney Donor is a Cross Platform Hybrid Mobile application for Kidney Donors. This application enables the capture of living donor clinical data collection to better patient care and improve ongoing research.

Features Includes

Connect Donors with their transplant Hospital and other valuable resources, Follow-up Questionnaire for Donors, Upload Lab Results

Technologies Used

React Native App (iOS and Android)  | Responsive Web App  | HIPAA Compliant | Amazon AWS Cloud

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