Food Delivery app

Food Delivery Mobile App

Food delivery mobile app is a on-demand delivery service that allows the university students to earn extra money. App allowed students to pickup food from local restaurants that is order by the other students. This allows users to receive food in the dorm (instead of receiving at the enterance in case of outside delivery), and allowed delivery students to earn extra money.

Our Work Includes

  • Native iOS app for users (students in dorm ordering)
  • Native iOS app for delivery people (students)
  • Parse platform
  • Payment processing
  • Push Notifications

On-demand food delivery mobile app was created for university students so these students can order, and fellow available students can pickup orders and make extra cash while in school. This also allows student clients to receive food in the dorm, which is normally not accessible to regular delivery people.

Mobile app was created for Apple iOS platform, using Swift. App included interfaces for users (consumer), and for delivery people.