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From tracking appointments to monitoring symptoms, healthcare apps offer a convenient way for patients to manage their health and improve communication between patients and providers.

  • Monitor symptoms and track medical appointments
  • Improve communication between patients and providers
  • Provide quick, easy access to healthcare information
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Healthcare Software Development is a large part of our diverse portfolio. Technology Rivers services vary from strategy, consultation, design, development, support of health and fitness applications.

HIPAA Software

HIPAA Software

HIPAA Strategy, Compliance assessment, and Implementation. HIPAA on cloud, mobile applications as well as web applications.

Digital health

Digital Health

Mobile Health (mHealth), Health IT, Wearables, Telehealth, and Electronic Health (eHealth).

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Personal and community healthcare, wellness and many fitness applications including for Fitbit, Apple Health and Samsung Health.

Device Integrations

Device Integrations

Bluetooth and Cellular devices,Wearables, IOT devices. Strategy, Consulting and Implementation support.

Below are the types of solutions we can provide you:

  • Strategy Development
  • Healthcare Application Assessment 
  • Healthcare Application Development and Deployment

HIPAA Software Development

Most Healthcare applications need to comply with HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA Software development scope includes mobile, web, and desktop applications to be deployed on a secure cloud, on-premise, or on third-party managed hosting services.

HIPAA Cloud & Deployment

HIPAA compliance includes the infrastructure and servers where PHI data is being hosted. The hosting providers who provide HIPAA compliance hosting are required to sign the BAA (Business Associate Agreement) and ensure the infrastructure is compliant with HIPAA regulations, including data encryption, audit logging, etc.

Our HIPAA cloud services are vast, experienced, and HIPAA-compliant from creation to deployment. From AWS to Google Cloud Hosting to Hybrid Clouds, we have you covered. Services include setting up application deployment environments to the deployment of applications on the cloud or on-premise server environments.

Digital Health

Our digital health application development services include:

  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Application Development
  • Health IT Services
  • Wearables App Development
  • Telehealth Application Development
  • Electronic Health (eHealth) Development

Fitness and Wellness

Our fitness and wellness application development services include:

  • Personal and Community Healthcare
  • Wellness Applications
  • Fitness Applications – including for Fitbit, Apple Health and Samsung Health

Device Integrations

Our healthcare device integration services include:

  • Strategy, Consulting and Implementation Support.
  • Bluetooth-Powered Device Integration (Thermometer, Blood Pressure)
  • Cellular-Based Healthcare Devices Integration 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though most of our work scope is limited to development, we often have to access the production data to support the Live application. We sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements for cases where our team needs to access the real data to support the application.

At Technology Rivers, we perform a thorough audit of your custom developed application, and review for HIPAA, and other standards. This audit is not limited to just HIPAA, as it includes thorough review of the code base, and reports on the usage of different aspects of the application that includes code structure, usage of third party libraries, performance, usability, design, security, and many more. Contact us for more information.

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