5 Common Myths about Android Apps Debunked

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Blog » 5 Common Myths about Android Apps Debunked

Table of Contents

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Blog » 5 Common Myths about Android Apps Debunked

Table of Contents

Android has maintained its position as the leading operating system for mobile devices worldwide in January 2022, controlling the mobile OS market with a market share close to 70%. This makes it a prime target for application developers, who want to tap into this large potential user base. Hence, Android app development is one of the most in-demand skills for tech professionals of this era. 

However, there are a lot of myths floating around, like being difficult to develop for, that can be misleading or just downright wrong! This leads to many myths and misconceptions about what is and isn’t possible. But have no fear, mobile app developers at Technology Rivers will get you out of despair! We sat down with them to debunk the five common myths and misconceptions in this blog post.

So if you’re curious about developing for Android, read on to get some clarification!


Debunking the Common Myths about Android Apps

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In today’s society, mobile applications are everything. They’re the newest and easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as work contacts. With that being said, Android apps have been on a rise for quite some time now, but what is it like developing them? Do developers make less money? Is it less stable than iPhone apps? Or are they more prone to crashing?

Let’s look at 5 of the most common myths about Android applications:


Myth #1 – Android apps are unstable and less secure than iOS apps

Many people think Android apps are inherently insecure because of the Android platform, but this is not true. The Android platform is just as secure if not more secure than iOS devices. This myth is often propagated by Android users, but it’s simply not true.

5 Common Myths about Android Apps Debunked 1


Myth #2 – Android apps are not as well-designed as iOS apps

This comes from a common misconception that mobile developers don’t have the same high standards. However Android developers have many of the same requirements as iOS. They both have to go through a rigorous beta testing process before being approved by Android/Apple.


Myth #3 – Android app development is more difficult than iOS app development

This one may be true for some cases, but not all Android apps are created equally, which means it is easier to develop for Android. Some Android apps are simple because they have fewer features or don’t need them. However Android developers have to use the same native development language as iOS developers, so Android development is not more difficult than iOS development.


Myth #4 – Android users are not as willing to spend money on apps as iOS users

Another common misconception is that Android users are less willing to spend money on Android apps than iOS users. In reality, Android users are just as likely to purchase Android apps as iOS users, which means Android developers can make a lot of money from Android apps.


Myth #5 – You need a separate team of developers to create Android and iOS apps

This is one of the most common misconceptions and it’s not true. Android developers can develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms, so specified development teams are unnecessary. 


We at Technology Rivers, an app development company, have native developers who also excel in native apps such as iOS app development and cross-platform hybrid mobile app development that involves multiple technologies and platforms. Myth number 5 – busted!

So, if you’re thinking of developing Android or iOS apps, don’t worry about these common mobile app myths because Android and iOS are alike in many ways.

5 Common Myths about Android Apps Debunked 2

Wrap up

So there you have it – five debunked myths about Android apps.

Don’t be discouraged by these myths about mobile apps, if you’re thinking of developing one! The truth is that Android development is just as challenging (and rewarding) as iOS development, and with the right team of developers, your app can be just as successful on the Google Play Store as it would be on the App Store. 

Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to start developing your idea – we’d love to help! Our team has extensive experience in developing high-quality mobile applications that our users love. Feel free to share this blog post if you enjoyed (and benefitted from) it!


Just reach out to us and feel free to engage with us through our LinkedIn or Facebook Page.


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