Elizabeth Venafro Talks About Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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Blog » Elizabeth Venafro Talks About Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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Blog » Elizabeth Venafro Talks About Outsourcing Mobile App Development

In early 2015, after a recent exit from K2M, Elizabeth Venafro had an idea to create a social networking and messaging platform for thought leaders. With her two other partners, she set up Konvergent. She started looking for developers who could help her bring her new idea to life. 

She approached multiple companies, including Technology Rivers. After multiple meetings, they decided to hire Technology Rivers to build a social networking platform. For the next 3 years, her team worked with Technology Rivers to build a platform for different industries, including counter intelligence, businexecutives and women leaders. This partnership led to multiple follow up projects as well as multiple referrals to other startups. Work for Konvergent includes, but not limited to, the development of

  • Mobile App (Native iOS App)
  • Responsive Web Application
  • Admin Portal
  • Live Q&A with Thought Leaders
  • Video Chat
  • Events (Public and Private, Free and Paid)
  • Moderated Chat
  • Off-Line Access and many more…

In this video, Elizabeth Venafro shares his experiences of outsourced software development with Technology Rivers.


The Audio Transcription – Collaboration with Technology Rivers:


My name is Elizabeth Venafro and I am the managing partner and co-founder of Konvergent. We looked to Technology Rivers to help us develop a social networking platform for thought leaders. We first started with a counterintelligence app and then we were able to replicate it for business executives as well as women leaders. 

So as a start-up organization we were really looking for a company that we could partner with that we found was credible and trustworthy. We had little to no app development experience and so we were really looking for experts in that space. 

We looked at many vendors in the source selection process you know various price points all over the board. We looked at some based here in the US, some based abroad, and then some that were more of a hybrid. So one thing that I really appreciated about working with Technology Rivers was the hands-on experience that I was able to get with Ghazenfer, the owner of the organization.

That’s not always the case with other vendors that I’ve worked with in the past and I felt like he genuinely cared about the success of our project. He was very responsive and provided great communication along the way. Ultimately with Technology Rivers we felt like they had the best balance of value and quality. 

As a startup company we really had little experience in app development. We were looking for a trusted partner and immediately once I met with Technology Rivers I felt like it was a match made in heaven. In particular I really appreciated how even after the project was complete Technology Rivers continued to check in on us they wanted to make sure that we were successful and that we were happy with the end product, and we continue that relationship today.

Here’s something that—I mean it truly—with other vendors like whoever you initially talk to they’ll sell you on it and then you never see them again. And then you get handed off to some project manager that you hate and you wonder why you ever selected them. It was because you had a good salesman out front. And I think that just because you’re involved doesn’t necessarily make you seem like a small shop. I just think it shows that you have like a good leadership style where you care about your clients and that it’s not just about making money.

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