Michael Stewart of Democracy Delivered Shares His Experiences in Software Development

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Blog » Michael Stewart of Democracy Delivered Shares His Experiences in Software Development

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Blog » Michael Stewart of Democracy Delivered Shares His Experiences in Software Development

Michael Stewart is the founder of Democracy Delivered and the creator of YourPlace.Online platform. The Democracy Delivered team has been working with Technology Rivers for all of their custom software development needs, including enhancement and support of their core software. In this video, Mike Stewart shares his experiences of outsourced software development with Technology Rivers.

Some of the Work and Features Include:

  • SaaS Application Development and Enhancement
  • Payment Processing (Including ACH,  Credit Card, Subscription-Based Transactions)
  • Membership Management
  • AWS Cloud and DevOps
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Gift Cards Management and many more!

The Audio Transcription – Collaborating With Technology Rivers

We were really trying to develop an enterprise-wide solution in developing YourPlace.online. We wanted to find a solution that would help us grow from scratch and integrate into other solutions as well. When we were first looking for a solution, we plan to develop our company long into the future.

We wanted to find a company that offered both value at the right resource level but allowed for growth, and I think in looking at technology rivers price point versus their experience it was an ideal option.

When we originally were developing YourPlace.online, I think that we found the breadth and depth of Technology Rivers experience particularly interesting because they had both government and non-government work and over the decade that they had created solutions they were able to work through all different types of requirements.

When we were evaluating and making the final decision as to which company we were going to go with, I think that the way Technology Rivers presented their options and let us choose to the degree and definitely wanted to develop was pretty important to us so and also they really created options to scale up or down through the period of our relationship which was pretty pretty important to us.

I remain ecstatic about working with technology rivers I think that the relationship they built since day one has been extremely supportive, extremely flexible and extremely productive. We’re very pleased where we are today. Whats unique about YourPlace.online is we wanted to develop a relationship with our developers that runs into perpetuity so it’s important that we had a concrete basis of trust but also just a continual communication. Technology Rivers provides a great way to communicate their combination of tools that they use and their personal outreach is ideal.

Here is what I would tell someone that’s considering Technology Rivers as a partner. Talk with them, they’re going to give you great recommendations that would help lead you to either the ideal solution with them or other options.

Do you have any questions? Do you need help getting started with your next software project? Reach out to us to learn more about us and how we can help you in your next venture!

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