EdTech Entrepreneur, Neha Patel, Shares Her Experience on Software Development

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Blog » EdTech Entrepreneur, Neha Patel, Shares Her Experience on Software Development

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Blog » EdTech Entrepreneur, Neha Patel, Shares Her Experience on Software Development

Neha Patel, founder of Bindr, came to Technology Rivers with an idea that focuses on helping modern-day parents. She established the Bindr application from her own experience as a mom and her struggles in keeping track of dates, deadlines, and updates from schools. As an entrepreneur, she found an opportunity to create an app that helps schools and institutions communicate more effectively with parents.

Among many reasons why she created Bindr, Neha thought that parents are getting bombarded with more information than they can consume. Emails and newsletters aren’t getting read by parents which leads to missed deadlines and last minute chaos. This is why she came up with Bindr — it helps not just communicate with parents, but to communicate effectively.

Prior to starting her own entrepreneurial journey, she worked at Dealer Socket for 14 years, where she performed different roles, including strategy, planning, and execution of enterprise-level strategic programs and projects to help achieve company goals.

Using her software background and feedback from parents and educators, she started designing Bindr to help schools and institutions communicate more effectively with parents and in turn, increase engagement and participation. Bindr helps to make their day to day operations more efficient, lets them focus on the more important things, and helps reduce stress for parents.

After interviewing multiple software development firms, she decided to hire Technology Rivers to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of Bindr. As her chosen development partner, we were able to understand and envision her idea until we came with the following features:

  • Attendance Notifications
  • Parent-School Communication
  • Events and Meals Calendar
  • Reminders and Notifications

These features also let parents request absences, early pickups, or late drop-offs for their kids which will be responded by school representatives accordingly.

Our Work with the Bindr Application Also Include:

Watch the video and hear what Neha Patel has to say with her experience in developing the Bindr app with us.

The Audio Transcription – Collaboration With Technology Rivers 

Hi, my name is Neha Patel. I have been in the software space and the technology space for over 15 years. My daughter was starting kindergarten and I realized there was a big opportunity to streamline communication between schools and parents. And in talking to various people, someone had recommended Technology Rivers and that’s how I came across them. I had a wonderful experience in every way working with them, and it was really incredible because they were able to take the vision I had on paper or in my mind and make it a reality.

The amazing thing about Technology Rivers is that they were very consistent, their communication was phenomenal, and they were willing to get on a call as many times as I needed. And they truly cared about me being successful in achieving my goals and my vision. It wasn’t just about “Okay, we’re just going to do what you give us and that’s it.”

The advantage to Technology Rivers is that they just don’t develop, right? They understand the user experience. They’ve done this many, many times. So they’re able to take from everything that they’ve seen. So having someone that could contribute and give insights from every single aspect, from a development standpoint, from a cost standpoint, from a user experience standpoint, really allowed me to make sure I was making the right decision and I had all the information and perspectives that I would need in order to make sure I was building the right product for my users.

One of the great things about Technology Rivers is their communication was always on point from the very beginning. Not only did they make sure they constantly touched base and made sure I knew what the status was of the development, or if there were any issues that came up, or if they needed something from me, the communication was constant. It was very clear and well thought out, which really helped me.

I talk about my experience with Technology Rivers and I recommend them every single time, especially for people that aren’t very technical, that are nervous about using an offshore company. I am able to confidently tell them, based on my personal experience, that Technology Rivers is the company to use.

You don’t just get a development resource. You don’t just get a developer to develop what you have envisioned for your product. You also get business development aspect of it, which–quite honestly–when I signed up with them, I wasn’t expecting that. But they are so invested in your personal success that they want to do everything they can. Whether it’s a part of the contract or the expectation or not. 

So I have made many connections through Technology Rivers with other entrepreneurs or other startups that have helped me get where I needed to go and meet other people. That has been something I wasn’t expecting but truly beneficial for me as an entrepreneur and someone who’s doing this on their own.

If you have a new app idea you want to develop, we can help you get started! Reach out to us to learn more about our services and how we can help you in your next venture!

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