6 Common Signs You Need to Outsource Your Project

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signs that you should outsource your app project
Blog » 6 Common Signs You Need to Outsource Your Project

Table of Contents

signs that you should outsource your app project

Blog » 6 Common Signs You Need to Outsource Your Project

Table of Contents

Outsourcing your project is often a tough call, but sometimes it is necessary for a variety of reasons.  Outsourcing isn’t necessarily expensive and is often cheaper than hiring your own team. We’ve identified some warning signs that it may be a good time to pass responsibility to a third party.

Here are the 6 signs that you need to outsource your app project:

  • Lack expertise
  • Lack bandwidth
  • Can’t afford full-time developer
  • Insufficient talent resources
  • Need new software
  • Demand peaks

Next, let’s dive into each sign individually.

1. You don’t have in-house expertise

If you don’t have in-house expertise, it’s cost and time effective to outsource than to recruit and train new employees. This way, you focus on your core business and have the experts build it your product without delays.

Let’s assume you’ve identified a need to build a mobile application to support your business, but your software team isn’t experienced in mobile apps. Mobile app development is different from web and other software development work and requires a different strategy. Some things to think about before development are:

  • What devices do you support first?
  • Should it be available on a tablet or phone only?
  • What platform should you use?
  • Do you build Native iOS, Native Android, or build a cross-platform hybrid mobile app?

You need many different resources to build a mobile app, that many include Android programmer, iOS programmer, Mobile Architect, Product Manager, Tester,  and Business Analyst. Hiring all these resources for just one project will likely be time consuming and expensive.

Ideally, you want to use an outside firm to build the initial product and then determine if you need to hire internally or continue to use outside help.

You’ll want to hire an expert, who has done this many times, so that your product meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our customers, here at Technology Rivers, say that this is one of the main reasons they choose to work with us. Our team can build products quickly, because of our expertise and by leveraging a library of reusable components that we have created over the years.

2. You don’t have the bandwidth

At Technology Rivers, we had a client who needed to meet roadmap milestones, but didn’t have enough resources to run product support. We recommended the current team stay focused on supporting the current customers, since attracting new customers costs 5x more than retaining current customers, by meeting milestones of your road-map. Our team took over the new development. Most companies usually keep enough staff to run the operation, but leveraging an outside partner can help you handle additional products.

3. You don’t have the capital for a full-time developer

Both startups and enterprises share the pain of having to search for, hire, and subsequently train a full-time developer to help with a project’s workload. This time consuming and costly measure can be simplified by bringing on a team of seasoned experts that just need to be briefed on your project requirements and expectations. Outsourcing is usually cheaper when you consider the cost of benefits, payroll, and long-term commitment, too!

4. You have talent shortage

Finding the best developers for a project has always been challenging, but even more so today. LinkedIn’s annual Emerging Jobs Report says full stack developer jobs have seen a year-after-year growth of a whopping 35% since 2015. Because of this, finding talent is a time-consuming effort to search for and hire the right person. Outsourcing is a quick fix, allowing you to employ a temporary team to meet your deadlines.

5. You need to expand existing software to a new platform or language

Some companies see a need to update their software to use different languages. Reasons include security vulnerabilities, your plugins or APIs don’t support your current language, and difficulty finding developers for your current language.

Instead of burning time and capital to “re-do” a project for a new platform, use an outside team. Since your project is already complete, the specifications, expectations, design, and roadmap are already clear to anyone joining the project.

This frees up time for you to focus on working on feature requests and updates to the actual product, while making it easy for an outside team to join. Whether you’re collaborating or handing off that section, development companies make this easy!

6. You have demand peaks

A business with demand peaks can suffer from inadequate staff or run inefficiently by having too many team members and not enough tasks. This is especially true for seasonal businesses or e-commerce businesses that peak on holidays. Instead of redistributing existing employees to loosely fitting roles, or hiring support solely for peak timings, consider a supplementary, outside team.

The benefit is you pay them only when you are at peak, leaving your full-time employees to focus on the tasks they were hired for.

Need help getting started with your software project or looking to outsource? Reach out to Technology Rivers, a software development firm with the experience and expertise to ensure your success!

Technology Rivers has been offering web and app development services to entrepreneurs and enterprises since 2015.

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Yousif Memon

Yousif works as a Marketing Lead at Technology Rivers. He writes blog articles on different topics including entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, and technology.


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