Remote Patient Monitoring Platform 1

Remote Patient Monitoring Application

HIPAA compliant healthcare web applications that allows providers to remotely monitor the patients data. Data from cellular medical devices such as blood pressure device, is automatically available to doctors for review, and increase medicare reimbursements.

Our Work Includes

Remote Patient Monitoring is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based web application, that allows doctors and practices to increase their reimbursements by remotely monitoring the patient’s readings. Devices are cellular devices, so data is instantly transferred to the dashboard as soon as the patient uses the devices. This allows providers to review the readings without having the patients in the office. The application also allows practices to call the patients if they miss the readings or their numbers are out of normal range.

This application complies with HIPAA rules, as it stores patients PHI (Protected Health Information).

Features Include

Latest Readings Notifications | Patient-Doctor Communication (Message & Call) | Weight Scale and Blood Pressure Device assigning | Bridge Call | HIPAA Compliance

Technologies Used

Amazon AWS | React JS | NodeJS | Twilio | PostgreSQL