Advantages of Mobile Apps: How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

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Blog » Advantages of Mobile Apps: How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

Table of Contents


Blog » Advantages of Mobile Apps: How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

Table of Contents

Mobile Apps are changing the way businesses are operating, and they are becoming part of the core strategies for many companies. 

The majority are taking on the mobile initiatives differently to stay on top of their game. These may include operational improvements, brand awareness, competition, core business function, differentiators, and many more. All these are the reasons these businesses are investing in mobile applications to help fuel the business.

According to a recent report, the global estimated mobile application purchases for both iOS and Android users reached $112 Billion in 2020. This recorded over a 25% increase in users’ spending movement worldwide. The gaming apps made the biggest hit.

Statistics also show that the average American spends more than a couple of hours per day on his or her mobile device. Gaming apps continue to be the most used, followed by social networking and messaging apps. However, that doesn’t kill the fact that your potential customers are on their mobile devices. 

Most people think that only big brands need mobile apps. But in fact, more and more small to mid-sized businesses are going digital – to more than just setting up business websites or eCommerce websites. 

Those companies have seen the long-term benefits of mobile apps not just as a marketing channel but for growing the overall business.

Why You Should Invest in Mobile Applications for Your Business?

Besides those soaring numbers, it is also better to recognize why you should invest in mobile app development.

First, you need to acknowledge that the new consumer behavior has changed along with the digital transformation. Current or potential customers are on their mobile phones for almost everything they do: order food, book flights, pay bills, etc. Mobile apps have made everything just a tap away.

Therefore, this means that your marketing and overall business efforts must consider maximizing the smartphone app channel.

Second, you need to consider future-proofing your business and that is possible by keeping up with the latest technology. 

The reason behind the mobile app’s immense growth and success is the availability of multiple useful features that can save people’s time rather than going through conventional ways.

Investing is crucial to every business owner. It means putting in significant money, where you are expecting to grow exponentially. This is also true for investing in a mobile app that could help you have a competitive edge over your competitors.

Advantages of Mobile Apps: How Can They Help Your Business Grow? 1

What are the Benefits of Having Mobile Apps for your Business?

So, the digital transformation is crystal clear and that these mobile apps are revolutionizing many businesses worldwide. It’s better for you to find out more about the benefits of mobile apps for your business:

Build Brand Awareness

The more your target audience can interact with your business, the more you can increase your brand awareness. And your business mobile app can do just like that – even better.

These days, having a mobile app is more cost-effective than going after traditional marketing and advertising strategies. The real challenge, however, is on app marketing, which is crucial to driving a more targeted audience to your business.

Building strong brand awareness can be achieved through the mobile app’s limitless functionalities that could serve as a direct marketing channel. Your mobile app can share all the information that you want your customers to know – including the latest promos and giveaways. 

Push notification feature also makes your life a lot easier as it reminds and notifies customers about any updates on products, services, or simply anything you want them to stay in the loop.

Increase Customer Engagement

Increasing customer engagement is another amazing advantage of mobile apps. These days, interacting with customers is not just limited to a phone call and a text message. 

If you have a restaurant, you can have your mobile app work its way to booking clients at the time slot they prefer or have their meals delivered right to their doorstep. No matter what kind of business you’re into, the mobile app can be finetuned with features that will help with your business.

Meanwhile, here are some of the app features that you need to secure to increase customer engagement:

  • 24/7 access and visibility to current and potential customers
  • Seamless and easy to navigate for great user experience
  • Multiple payment gateways for in-app purchases
  • Instant messaging
  • Social media integration
  • Review and comment option

You need to find ways to get your clients use your app regularly because the more they interact with it,  the more your customer loyalty will increase in the long run. 

Also, pay close attention to improving a better means to communicate with your customers as it will increase their trust in your brand.

Instant Online and Offline Access

A mobile phone is obviously a handy device that most people can’t live without. Therefore, these mobile apps allow your customers to get in touch with your business anytime whenever they go online. There are also apps that can run offline and get updated once connected to the Internet.

Help with Tracking and Analyzing Customer’s Behavior

It’s difficult to improve what you cannot measure. Relying on guesswork alone won’t help you fix those areas that require improvements. 

Apps can have a built-in analytics dashboard that allows you to track user behavior by looking at the navigation paths, session recordings, and touch heatmaps.

Advantages of Mobile Apps: How Can They Help Your Business Grow? 2

Promote Customer Loyalty

Building a sincere connection and providing value to your customers that they cannot get anywhere else will reciprocate in a form of customer loyalty. The mobile app can help you stay connected with your customers and keep the process less complicated for them. It’s a fingertip away at all times.

You can have a feature that offers rewards to your customers. For instance, you can offer a free product or a trial of service for every repeat purchase. You may also reward them by completing the actions that you want them to fulfill. (e.g., asking friends to download the app, subscribing to email newsletters, sharing updates on social media, etc.)

Promote Higher Productivity and Cost Reduction

There are many factors how your business mobile app can help cut costs, while increasing productivity:

Act as a Direct Marketing Channel

As discussed earlier, a mobile app can be used as a direct marketing channel or platform that’s way more cost-effective than traditional advertising and marketing methods. Placement on magazines, newspapers, and billboards is expensive and doesn’t guarantee targeting the right people to buy your product or service.

Reduce Staff Work

More business owners have seen mobile apps as a way to reduce staff work and avoid human errors or poor performance. They don’t have mood swings and they can operate 24/7.

Mobile apps can collect and process orders, act as a marketing tool, and provide customer support. All those are automated and can eliminate the need for additional staff.

There are also business apps that can cater to internal teams or organizations that help boost workplace efficiency and employee’s morale. These apps can have training resources, project management, and productivity trackers.

Improve Business Processes

Startups may not have huge money to spend on improving the operations or business processes right away, but mobile apps can help with that. Large-scale and more established corporations can make the most out of mobile apps features.

The beauty here relies on the customization part. You can have the mobile app customized with the different functionalities that will help improve business processes such as:

  • Payment Processing
  • Order Management
  • Customer Relationship and Support
  • Resource Planning
  • Content Management

Lead to Higher Sales and Revenue

It’s a no brainer that sales increase when customers are satisfied and they begin buying your products or services more frequently. The consumer demand will grow and customer loyalty gets better and better.

A responsive business website is great, but having a mobile app that runs across all platforms is a game-changer. Imagine how a high-performing mobile app can help customers book, shop, or fulfill any online transactions using their fingertips.

Your business mobile app can help enhance customer experience, leading to higher sales and increase revenues.

Conclusion: Is it Worth Investing in Mobile Apps to Fuel Business Growth?

Today’s business world is getting more competitive. And the only way to stay competitive is to use the existing technology in leveraging your business and strengthening your brand. There’s no looking back. You need to embrace the fact that almost everyone has gone mobile.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that app development cost is the real issue, but think about all the opportunities your business is missing out on because it fails to reach out to a more targeted audience.

Think about all these things – that you need to grow your business and build a stronger brand: efficiency, strong customer relationships, streamlined processes, and scalability.

Regardless of what business you do, mobile apps have been a great customizable platform that you can fully utilize to earn more loyal customers and drive more potential ones to your business.

Do you have a mobile app idea that would take your business to the next level? Contact us now and we can brainstorm! 

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