Effective Software Development Strategy Starts at Choosing the Right Partner

Effective Software Development Strategy Starts at Choosing the Right Partner


There’s no way around it: development is notoriously expensive. Even the well thought out, carefully approached projects can hit road bumps in development that derail everything and take weeks to fix. That’s why it is absolutely critical, more than in any other industry, to choose the right development partner. 

The biggest favor any business can do themselves at the beginning of a project is to hire a team that handles full-stack development. Unlike developers who specialize in specific languages or platforms, full-stack developers give business owners the flexibility to tackle any challenge that comes up during your project, whether it’s an unexpected language requirement or a feature addition that becomes desirable later on in the project.

At Technology Rivers, we expect the unexpected, allowing us to limit the opportunity for detours and disruptions throughout our projects. That flexible approach has won us recognition on Clutch.co, a platform that recognizes us and other reputable companies by hosting verified, unbiased ratings and reviews in the industry and location-specific directories. 

In our most recent review, we developed a platform that includes web, mobile, and desktop applications for a SaaS company offering sales coaching and training including live phone call transcription to customers. We integrated the transcription software with AI to recognize tonality between callers and predict the success of individual sales pitches. Their team praised our technical process, along with our professionalism and integrity throughout the project.

“They were very thorough, easily the best agency I’ve worked with. We have weekly phone calls and they set up a software system where we can track our project’s progress. They are an integral partner and I feel like they’re an extension of our team.”

— Co-Founder of Voice Software Company

Feedback like this lets us know where we are providing the most value to our consumers, as well as where we can continue to learn and grow. We are thankful for the honesty of our loyal customers, who have helped us to an overall ranking of 4.9-stars!

In addition to our ranking on Clutch, we are recognized for our delivery of high business value to our customers on The Manifest, one of Clutch’s sister sites that provides rankings in the context of article-style industry explanations and spotlights. 

We’re among the top performers on Visual Objects, which showcases the portfolios of creative agencies in order to help potential clients envision what their final products could look like with any given company. 

So if you’re looking for software, app, or web design, what are you waiting for! Read more about the great work we’ve done on Clutch or reach out to us to find out how you can get started on your dream project today!

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