Graham Dodge, Founding CEO of Sickweather, Shares His Development Experience with Technology Rivers

Graham Dodge, Founding CEO of Sickweather, Shares His Development Experience with Technology Rivers

Graham Dodge, a serial entrepreneur under consumer health platforms, collaborated with Technology Rivers for the development of Sickweather App which is an illness tracking application. The Sickweather application scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing you to check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain.

Sickweather is now the largest community of its kind, crowdsourcing over six (6) million illness reports each month in real-time. Mobile apps and the wearable app include SickScore and a handwashing timer, in addition to the other features available on the mobile application.

Technology Rivers’ application development work with Sickweather includes the following:





Here’s the video transcription:

I’m Graham Dodge. I’m the executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory Inc. (MAGIC), the founder of Garnish Health, and the founding CEO of Sickweather which is a digital disease surveillance platform that powers about half a billion a year in digital healthcare advertisement.

I found Technology Rivers through networking with other developers in Baltimore. I had met their founder, Ghazenfer Mansoor, through some other networking events there. Initially, have turned to Technology Rivers because of their expertise in Java and Android development then I figured out that they were capable of so much more than that. So, with while they were initially from helping us with our Android app we then moved over iOS development with Technology Rivers.

Having their team accessible through various communication channels as if they were members of our own team has been valuable and so I would definitely recommend using Technology Rivers again and again. But maybe the happiest about working with Technology Rivers was their ability to actually fix the problems that we had initially and to then adapt to our current needs at any given time. There was never anything that we had problems with that they couldn’t work on and change, and that was why they became so valuable to our team.

I had experience with many other service providers and app development companies and it was actually that previous experience that turned me to Technology Rivers because of the problems I ran into with other teams, especially teams with overseas development that had too many plaintiffs of communication failures. All of that went away when we moved over to Technology Rivers and it was been a very comprehensive working relationship ever since. So if you’re considering working with Technology Rivers I would say just do it just work with them you’ll see immediately the difference between whatever you’ve done previously and then what happens for your company and for your business working with Technology Rivers.

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