Android App Development

Android applications are developed in many different ways including

  • Native Android Apps using Kotlin or Java
  • Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Apps
    • Web-kit based (HTML5,  Apache Cordova / PhoneGap)
    • Native android apps using hybrid tools (Javascript, React Native, Xamrin, Google Flutter etc)

We design and develop android applications for

  • Android Smartphones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Wearables
  • Samsung Wearables

React Native platform is really good for most of the business applications. Cross-Platform development using React Native has been one of the most popular platform in recent times. React Native is a hybrid app development platform by Facebook, that allows developers to create native mobile applications using React platform.

There are over 5000 different Android devices available by many different manufacturers, and most of them are locked by carriers and OEMS. These devices come in many different sizes and resolution, and that makes it complicated to build and test Android Apps.

Technology Rivers have strong expertise in developing native and cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. We ensure a strong architectural foundation and follow guidelines and standards that make these apps compatible with any of these devices.

Some of our Android (Smart Phones,  Tablet and wearable) apps includes

  • Illness Tracking Mobile App (Healthcare, Social, Messaging)
  • Handwritten Greetings Card app
  • Fleet Management and Scheduling mobile app
  • Fuel Delivery Android mobile app
  • Training app for Medical Device company
  • HIPAA Compliant Android app for short-term assisted living communities
  • Android Watch app
  • Samsung Watch app

Some of the apps features includes

  • Push Notifications
  • Ads (DFP and other providers)
  • Local Caching and Storages
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Location apps

Our Android app development process includes:

  • Mockups / Sketches
  • Visual Design
  • Development of application
  • Testing on Simulators
  • Testing on real devices
  • Deployment on Google Play Store

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